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Get hands-on training with these programs while gaining the  experience  you need to be successful. Both programs have been structured to expose you to the world of Tech and enable you enjoy a rewarding career.

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What to Expect

Data Analytics

  • This program will introduce you to the business thinking skills that employers care about
  • You will learn SQL and Databases as well as Business Intelligence and Tableau.


Software Development

  • Whether you have zero coding knowledge, are self-taught, or are somewhere in between, this course is for you. Our course takes you from foundational skills to advanced, practical knowledge in a few weeks.

Cybersecurity (Risk Management Framework)
  • This course will have a  blend of discussion and hands-on exercises to educate you about the RMF methodology.
  • You’ll be prepared to implement the Risk Management Framework for your IT systems as is required in the NIST publications. 

Benefit of enrolling

Career Support

At KSEN,  you are not alone after the program. Our continuous support for you will catapult you into greatness. Trust us, we are here for  you. 


As an organization, we do not only consider you a student but a partner. We are fully committed to your success and can’t wait to celebrate your success.


KSEN prides itself in helping those who may be experiencing some financial difficulties. Life happens and we understand. We are here for you.

We are ready to help you succeed


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3 Months

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Most frequent questions and answers

It’ll amaze you to know how many lives have changed as a result of bootcamps. Our bootcamp is designed to help you land your dream job and that is where our focus lies. Please click on “Book a Call” in the menu

After your studies, you are able to get jobs in Tech as a Project Manager/ Scrum Master or a Cybersecurity Analyst. You are more than welcome to book a 30 mins consultation with us at no cost to discuss your career goals. Please click this link to schedule a call with us. Please click on “Book a Call” in the menu.

KSEN is an organization dedicated to the success of any individual who is eager to change his or her financial life and enjoy a rewarding career. We offer more than what other bootcamps give in terms of the practical hands-on experience that you would gain if you enrolled with us. We are with you until you land your first job. Schheule a call with us to learn more by  going to the “Book a Call” menu

Since our goal is to ensure that you have a lot of practical experience while studying, you will be working on real-life projects. You are required to dedicate at least an hour a day to your studies and homework. Class will be held every Saturday at 10 am to 12 pm EST. This will be via zoom. A link will be sent your email to join the class.

We want to have an opportunity to get to know everyone personally. You are more than welcome to schedule a call by going to the menu to book a call. We are happy to welcome you to this amazing family.