While it’s possible that your child’s high school has a personal finance or investing class, they probably won’t have the opportunity to take it until their junior or senior year. That’s too late. Teaching your child sooner will ensure a greater level of financial sophistication. Would your financial situation be different today if you had […]

Following God’s plan For Success

One thing most Christians fail to realize is that the blueprint to living a successful life is right by us. The Bible contains all we need to live a truly blessed life. As followers of Christ we are not destined to struggle in life. The Word says He has given us everything pertaining to life […]

Why Become An Investor

Kingdom Servant Entrepreneurship Network exists because of you. We want to see all of God’s children do well both spiritually and physically. We live in tough times and it’s about time Christians come together to sharpen each other. The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17 that ‘Iron sharpeneth iron; so man sharpeneth the countenance of his […]